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Online EMDR Therapy

What is Online EMDR Therapy?

Online Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a relatively new form of psychotherapy that has been proven to be effective in treating trauma, anxiety, and depression. In this type of therapy, a patient’s mental distress is addressed through the use of eye movements, either directly or with the help of an audio-visual device.

The goal of online EMDR therapy is to help people process their unresolved traumatic memories and achieve a sense of resolution and healing. By using this approach, patients can learn to move past their painful emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them. Through treatment with online EMDR therapy, those suffering from traumatic events can bring more awareness to their experiences and gain better insight into how they can cope with the pain.

How Does Online EMDR Therapy Work?

Online EMDR therapy works by engaging the patient in a structured process which involves repeatedly focusing on various aspects of the memory while simultaneously processing it in different ways. The therapist will ask patients to focus on an image related to the memory, as well as on three sets of questions related to the event: what it looks like, how it feels emotionally and physically, and what meaning it holds for them.

As the patient answers these questions, they will engage in bilateral stimulation exercises such as tracking hand movements or listening to alternating tones which guide them. These exercises are thought to mimic REM sleep – where our brains naturally process thoughts – thus helping us integrate difficult memories into our conscious minds. Through this reintegration process, patients may begin to make sense of their experiences and develop new perspectives on them so that they no longer cause intense emotion or disruption in everyday life.

Benefits of Online EMDR Therapy

Online EMDR therapy offers multiple benefits for those suffering from trauma-related issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorders and phobias, addiction recovery issues, complicated grief reactions and general anxiety or depression disorders. Here are some advantages that come with seeking out online EMDR therapy:

  1. Accessibility – Online EMDR therapies allow people all over the world access to safe therapeutic practices without having to travel far distances or take time off work or school 2. Flexibility – Patients can take comfort knowing that sessions are scheduled at times convenient for them 3. Affordability – Many online therapists offer flexible rates according to individual financial situations 4. Anonymity – Those feeling embarrassed or ashamed about seeking out therapeutic help may feel more comfortable talking with an anonymous professional via video chat 5. Greater variety –
  2. With many different types of professionals providing services remotely via video chat programs such as Skype or Zoom 6 people have an even greater selection when looking for someone who best fits their individual needs 7 Confidentiality – As online interactions take place on secure platforms there is no risk of sensitive information being leaked 8 Privacy– Talking about personal matters over video chat allows privacy rather than having conversations overheard by others 9 Rapport building – Skype meetings enable patients not only access but also build rapport with therapists before making a decision about whom they would prefer long-term 10 Convenience – Video chats enable quicker connection with potential clients around the world regardless if therapists live nearby

Ultimately online EMDR therapies allow individuals from all walks of life access to the care they need regardless if conventional face-to-face visits are impossible due y health insurance limitations, lack of availability in area clinics or even geographical restrictions due living abroad or traveling often for work purposes etc.. If you’re interested in finding more information about online emdr therapy visit

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