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Why join?

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Talk2Me helps you expand your geographic footprint and serve patients in a wider area, providing care to patients who would not have access to care otherwise.

6 reasons to be an online therapist

  1. Medicare fully reimburses you for appointments made through the Talk2Me platform, additionally providing you with a $25/session originating site fee for using telemedicine. This means Talk2Me increases clinic revenue while simultaneously reducing costs associated with traditional care visits (travel costs to and from a hospital, waiting time between appointments, medication costs, etc.).
  2. Tele psychotherapy is simple, convenient, and cost-effective way of visiting your counselor. Our light-weight browser-based technology platform allows you to easily consult with a provider.
  3. Tele psychotherapy is an excellent way to create a steady stream of revenue without overhead and without the overwhelming stress of running your own practice.
  4. Increasing Services – Through a partnership with Talk2Me, you can help increase the range of services offered to underserved populations and improve community wellness.
  5. A great way to build your practice
  6. Be a Community StewardBecome the turnkey provider for all mental health needs for your surrounding community. Address the most pressing needs of partner clinics and facilities by increasing access to your provider network. And be seen as the leader in addressing behavioral illnesses.
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