How to Baby Proof your Home

How to Baby Proof Your Home | Tips from A1 Mortgage

Is your family expanding by two feet? Whether you’re newly pregnant or due any moment, now is the time to get started on baby proofing your home. While it may seem early, babies start exploring and touching everything as soon as they can. You want your home all ready to go when that happens. How do you get started and what is really important when it comes to keeping your curious baby safe?  Read more

How to be a Courteous Neighbor

How to be a good neighbor | Tips from A1 Mortgage

No wonder Mr. Rogers was the best neighbor in the neighborhood. He was friendly, warm, and very welcoming of people new to the neighborhood. Being a good neighbor shouldn’t be hard; all you have to do is be considerate of your neighbors and know good neighbor etiquette. Review these tips below to ensure that you’re doing your neighborly duties. Read more

Winter Boat Storage

Boat Storage Tips from A1 Mortgage

With all of the great local Kansas City lakes, more and more people are purchasing boats. The only downside to owning a boat in Kansas City, is the unavoidable winter weather. And it’s about that time again. Summer is slowly winding down now and unfortunately that means that’s it’s about time to retire your boat for the winter. While we’re sure winter will fly by, you should make sure to store your boat properly so it’s ready to go the second the warm weather returns. Read more

How to Increase the Value of your Home

Increase the value of your home with these tips from A1 Mortgage

Have you been thinking about selling your home lately? Are you worried your home isn’t going to sell for what it’s worth? The key to getting the most value out of your home is to make your house inviting to potential buyers. Increasing your home value can be hassle-free if you follow some tips.  Read more

Building Better Credit

Tips for improving your credit score

It’s never too early to start building better credit, let alone repairing damaged credit. It takes time to up your score, but with a few simple steps you’ll be on your way to improving your credit score and being a lender’s dream client. Read more

Home Buying Tips

Kansas City Home Buying Tips

You are finally ready to purchase that house you’ve been dreaming of.  Before you jump into house hunting, there are some things you can do to be prepared for what you’re about to undertake. Here are some tips to ensure that your home buying experience goes smoothly and you find your dream home.  Read more

Mortgage 101 – The truth about buying down your interest rate

Mortgage 101

Buying down your interest rate is also known as “discount points.” In this topic, I will discuss what a discount point is, an example of what it does and how to do the math to see if it makes sense for you.

Discount points lower your interest rate and payment for an upfront cost. The cost of one discount point is 1% of the loan amount and this will generally lower your interest rate about .25%. You can buy down the rate as much as two discount points on most mortgages.  Read more

How much impact $1 can have on your mortgage?

The Value of One Dollar

Do you know how much your total mortgage costs? Did you know you could easily reduce that amount?

Let’s look at a typical mortgage, According to Capital Economics analysts the average American mortgage in 2012 was $235,000 while most people take a 30 years mortgage. The national average of 30 years fixed rate mortgage is currently 4.13%. Read more


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