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What is Talk2me?

Talk2Me gives you online counseling/therapy at your convenience. With our online therapy/counseling we offer you the ability to connect with licensed professional therapists in a discrete privately secure session at your convenience. Everyone has bumps along the road of life that we need help with getting through them. Talk2Me is there to help you get through the stumbling blocks of life.

But we all live busy lives with hectic schedules and meeting with a psychologists at their office between 8-5 Monday through Friday is not always convenient with our work or school schedule.

Talk2Me is simple, convenient, and cost-effective way of visiting a counselor. Our light-weight browser-based technology platform allows you to easily consult with a counselor.

Meeting with psychiatrists can be very expensive at $250 an hour.

Talk2Me is an on-line service offering “counseling at your convenience” at a very affordable price at a fraction of the cost of a psychiatrist.

You can schedule a 20, 30 or 50 minute sessions with our professional therapist. At a convenient time for you from the comfort of your own home. Using secure messaging service or our video format. Both services are encrypted and HIPAA compliant to protect your privacy.

Because our services are a cash/credit bases only. We alleviate the hassle and long process of qualifying for insurance reimbursement or wondering if your therapists is or is not in your network of providers.

All our counselors are educated- license professional who are currently practicing and have years of experience. Making them experts in the specialty you need.

What Talk2me is not?

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We are not a service for diagnosing or to evaluate a serious mental disorder. We would advise you to seek mental health profession help for these more serious disorders.

We are not a suicide prevention service and therefore not a service set up to help people that are suicidal or thinking about committing suicide. If you think you are suicidal you should contact the suicide hot line at 1.800.273.8255 or call 911. You should contact a mental health professional immediately to start receiving therapy for this condition.

Our counseling services are considered for “educational purpose” only.

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